Product care

Our products are made and finished by hand. In general, we have chosen to leave all materials (metals, silks, cotton, yarns and other materials) in their natural state and consiously refrained from treating products with any coatings, protective sprays, sealants or similar. Products should therefore be treated with care in order to maximise their longevity.

Metal elements will oxidize on exposure to air and moisture. This is a normal phenomenon. When not in use we recommend that bracelets and necklaces are kept in a cloth bag or similar so as to minimize exposure to air, moisture and dirt.
The oxidising effect can be minimized through occasional polishing with an appropriate cloth.

While it may be possible to remove small elements of dirt from the non-metallic elements of our bracelets and necklaces by wiping with a damp cloth, we do not recommend washing or submersion in water as this may change the structure and finish of the product due to the natural behaviour of the matrial. Our advice is to treat the product with care, and to avoid wearing on occasions when there is an increased chance of dirt, stress or damage (bathing, swiming, showering, sleeping, outdoor sports, gardening etc). Also avoid contact with make up and perfume.